Karyn 11th June 2021

The Phillip Adams Petition for No USA Extradition has over 606,000 signatures. It is the largest petition ever tabled in both houses of Parliament here in Australia.
This petition has just been submitted to President Biden to free Julian Assange.
It states “You know the case. Free him and stop the Mental Torture.
We look forward to the maintenance of Australian sovereignty and great relations with the USA with NO EXTRADITION of Julian Assange.
If you persist with the Trump initiated case of persecution of Julian Assange, you are by virtue destroying our Australian/Non-USA citizen’s sovereignty, by legal precedent.
Free Julian Assange Please & Do it ASAP Please.
Talk Freedom, but only when you walk it are we free.
Thank you in anticipation as I am doing everything peacefully and by the book. Now you do the same.
Best Regards
Phillip Adams”

I urge everyone to sign the Phillip Adams petition and demand the release of Julian Assange.

The Don’t Extradite Assange campaign tweeted this week that Julian Assange has been a remand prisoner for over 550 days when the guidelines state nobody in the UK should be kept on remand for more than 180 days.
You must ask yourself, why has this man been treated as such a villain? Why hasn’t the rule of law been applied? Why have mainstream media & politicians continued to smear Julian’s character? Why did the US government illegally spy on Julian, his visitors, journalists, and lawyers while in the Ecuadorian Embassy? Why did the CIA plot to kill him? Murder him? Is it because he has uncovered the awkward truth of government and big business corruption? We would like to know as the treatment of this MEAA award winning Australian journalist is unprecedented. How can we trust the Australian government when they do little to nothing to support their Australian citizen? How can we trust a United State government that continues to persecute a multi award winning journalist while spouting rhetoric about freedom, democracy, and peace? How can we trust a UK government that bows down to the US that lords it over them? A land that does not follow their own rule of law. A land that holds an Australian journalist in a cold cement cell for up to 23.5 hours a day. A land that refused to give him his warm clothing over the harsh UK winter. A land that would not give him access to his lawyers in order to prepare his case. When he asked for a computer to assist to prepare himself, they gave him one with the keys glued down. This abuse is torture. It has been recognised as such by the UN.

This is a battle to win the freedom of an Australian man. But it is more than that. It is a battle for freedom of all people who wish to speak the truth and hold the powerful to account when they use their power in a criminal and corrupt way.



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