Speech by Tony on Friday 10/03/2023.

Welcome to the 172nd week of Julian Assange Sydney Town Hall Gatherings.

Free speech is vital to transparent democracy. If free speech was NOT vital to transparent democracy, the forces that oppose transparent democracy would have no reason to persecute Julian Assange. Julian published evidence of undemocratic activities occurring at the highest levels of western systems of government, and he is being punished for doing so. He is completely innocent, yet he has been in prison for nearly 4 years. He hasn’t been found guilty of anything. He should be free. His imprisonment has effectively shut down his publishing activities.

Corrupt power needs to operate unseen. It cannot operate in the sunlight of transparent democracy. Julian’s journalism shined too much light on corrupt power for it to ignore him. Now that he is in prison, it is left to the rest of us to continue his important work of creating transparent democracy.

Every Friday, a group of independent people gather at Sydney Town Hall to honour Julian Assange and his work. These independent people uphold the values of free speech and democracy in contrast to the culture of censorship and control pursued by mainstream politicians and the media.

In the fight for transparent democracy, there is a great need for unity. The unity we need must be achieved through free and open communication. We must recognise that some people are going to dislike what others say but the big picture is that we all need to be able to handle others having their say if we wish to have our own say! That is what democracy is all about. If we are fighting for transparent democracy, we need to defend everyone’s right to free speech even when we disagree.

Free speech is necessary for establishing truth. We need to establish truth because truth fosters unity. We may not agree on everything but if we can collectively determine important truth, like the fact that we all need transparent democracy, we will have a strong basis for unity. As we move forward, it is important that we remember to communicate in a dignified and respectful manner. If we are successful in doing that, more people will wish to join us. Julian’s observation that lies are responsible for starting wars and that truth can create peace is an important realisation.  If we develop a culture that permits truth, the rise of transparent democracy will be possible.

If you have a view that runs counter to mainstream propaganda, it is important for us to hear your voice. Even if you feel the need to voice your support of current mainstream propaganda, we need to hear from you. It is important that we are open to all views and that we treat each other respectfully. When we do this, we are moving in the direction of transparent democracy.

Julian Assange has helped us see the importance of free speech in creating transparent democracy. We must help others see the same thing!

Free Julian Assange!

Free Julian Assange!

Free Julian Assange!

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