Speech by Tony on Friday 03/03/2023

Welcome to the 171st week of Julian Assange Sydney Town Hall Gatherings!

The most heinous and despicable crimes against humanity are achieved through the abuse of trust. Governments and other large organisations prey on the trust people place in them but any trust people place in them is fundamentally misguided. We cannot afford to trust non-transparent governments. We cannot afford to trust non-transparent media corporations. We cannot afford to trust large businesses that are non-transparent! If they are non-transparent, they are non-transparent for a reason, and rest assured, that reason isn’t for our benefit. We need to build trust in ourselves and the people we are close to! We know we are being lied to by governments and the media! We know Julian Assange is detained although he is completely innocent! We know Julian Assange is the one who responsibly exposed government and corporate lies. We know governments and large organisations must be made transparent and accountable or they will continue their corrupt ways. We should never entertain the idea that anyone who creates government transparency can be politically persecuted, imprisoned, and tortured! We must always unite to defend any journalist or whistle blower who exposes government corruption. We most certainly need to work to free Julian Assange.

We all need to realise that our, so called ‘democratic’ system has been corrupted. We all need to realise that corruption cannot be fixed at the polling booth! A corrupt party system backed by the mainstream media ensures that there isn’t any democracy through normal channels! What we do have is a hierarchical system with a population that is susceptible to media propaganda. We have a system of corruption in which very bad apples rise to the top. As the rising bad apples prove their loyalty to established power, they receive key roles within the hierarchical structure. Bad apples are often required to act as ‘controlled opposition’ to pander to political unrest that might develop in sections of the community. The bad apples may often appear to be somewhat on our side, but they need to appear that way to gain our trust. Once they have our trust, they work to prevent our unity.

If we look at mainstream media, you will see war criminals paraded like they are heroes of the people. We will also see the greatest journalist of our time, smeared! The only reason Julian is smeared is because he created transparency where there was previously no transparency! The media controls people by abusing trust. The media manipulate us rather than inform us. The media control people so that democracy is unable to function! We need transparency especially where governments and corporations are concerned! We need the greatest journalist of our time free and able to do his great work of bringing transparency to governments and corporations.

We need to resist corporate media propaganda and come together to fix the root problem, a lack of transparent democracy! If we resist propaganda and come together for the purpose of bringing about a truly transparent democratic system, we’ll be off to a very good start.

Every injustice, every cover up, and every scandal, point back to a lack of transparent democracy. We need to unite to bring about transparent democracy! We all need to help free the greatest journalist of our time!

Free Julian Assange!

Free Julian Assange!

Free Julian Assange!

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