Speech by Tony on 24/03/2023

Welcome to the 174th week of Julian Assange Sydney Town Hall Gatherings.

Julian Assange is completely innocent! Julian’s work of revealing the criminal acts of public officials, is a great service to us all. If any of us has important evidence, we need to be able to make that evidence freely available to everyone. If one of us is ever imprisoned for making important evidence freely available, we must realise the imprisonment is a crime against all of us. We must unite to prevent the continuation of that crime. We cannot allow those who have corrupted democracy to continue on a path of making their corruption legal. If we are true to ourselves, we will fight for our right to inform each other with information governments and large organisations don’t want us to possess.

History makes it very clear that some people are capable of doing very bad things, especially when they can gain very large rewards. We must have transparent democracy to address the crimes of the powerful. Only through awareness of criminal activity can we work to maintain ethical rule of law and ensure the human rights of all people are respected.

We need to have faith in ourselves. We need to be positive and pro-active. We need to be morally engaged and fight for justice for Julian Assange, regardless of what the propaganda of corruption tells us.  When we free Julian, we will demonstrate for everyone, that humanity has what it takes to beat corruption and bring about transparent democracy. When Julian is free, he will most certainly need to recover from the years of psychological torture and medical mistreatment, however, Julian’s freedom will be a magificent symbol of hope for all of humanity. We need to keep fighting for a just world! We need to keep our eyes firmly on the goal of transparent democracy!

In a true democracy, the truth about important issues must be knowable. In a true democracy, a genuinely free press is necessary to make truth knowable! When our system of government allows full freedom of the press, we will be able to say we have transparent democracy or true democracy! A democracy that imprisons a journalist for revealing public-interest information is a corrupt democracy. This is what we’ve got. Corruption will only be solved by the authority of informed people. We must realise our authority. Julian has provided all the evidence we need. We must unite to demonstrate our informed authority!

Free Julian Assange!

Free Julian Assange!

Free Julian Assange!

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