Karyn’s speech 29th October 2021

When I young if you said something wrong or naïve or were slow to get to something, your parents would call out “Wake up Australia” to stop you or motivate you into action.
While we are entering a new era of surveillance and government control, I feel like calling out to the world to wake up. We need to act. Those in charge need to be held accountable and we need to take back our right to a free and honest press.
We have an Australian journalist & publisher in a London jail for doing his job. Facing 175 years in a supermax prison for doing his job. Many years ago, this Australian, Julian Assange had an idea. He would provide a platform to whistle-blowers and ensure their complete anonymity. A platform that would uncover the crimes and corruption of big business and governments. His idea was Wikileaks and thanks to outstanding fact checking, they have an enviable record of 100% accuracy.
Along the way Julian embarrassed some powerful people. Those people are now baying for his blood. The fact that the powerful are willing to take any measure including lying, smearing his character, spying on him and his lawyers and planning his murder should bring a chill to us all. If they are willing to do this to this man, what are they willing to do to us? We need to stop the attacks on Julian. We need to take back our freedoms and privacy. We need to wake up Australia.

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