Karyn’s speech 15th Oct 2021

We are glad to be back on the Sydney Town Hall steps after Sydney was locked down in June 2021. It is our responsibility and our pleasure to stand up for our Sydney Peace Medal recipient, Julian Assange.

While we were away the news of the CIA spying on Julian, his lawyers & visitors came to light. Many learned that employees of the Ecuadorian Embassy were told to steal the nappies of Julian’s baby to complete DNA tests to discover if he was Julian’s son. There were plans to murder Julian and a shoot out on the streets of London near Harrods in Knightsbridge were discussed. We know from Julian’s partner, Stella Morris, that Julian’s eldest son had also been targeted and threatened. Mike Pompeo was head of the CIA at the time. He has not denied the reports. He has not apologised for these criminal acts. Instead, he wants the whistle-blowers held accountable.

The key US witness, Siggi Thordarson is an Icelandic national who volunteered for Wikileaks. He has since been charged with financial fraud and underage sex crimes. He falsely asserted that Julian instructed him to commit hacking and computer intrusions. The paedophile, Thordarson admitted that his accusations were false.

The case against Julian Assange is a farce. A perversion. A corruption and abuse of power.

Julian has been in what amounts to solitary confinement since April 2019. He has lived for over 10 years without freedom.  Anthony Albanese remarked “enough is enough” and “I can’t see what is being served by keeping him incarcerated.” Yet here we are. Still standing on the steps of the Sydney Town Hall and crying out for the release of our Australian multi award-winning journalist. The time for platitudes from our politicians has passed. The time for action is here. Anthony Albanese, Scott Morrison, call your friends in the US government and demand the charges be dropped and Julian be freed. History will not be kind. Don’t let this travesty be your legacy.

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