Speech read by Matt, 7-May-2021

This is our seventy-sixth Julian Assange Town Hall Gathering. We stand here today painfully aware of the steady encroachment of tyranny and increasingly draconian measures being put in place to curb our freedoms! Ten years ago, the arbitrary detention of a journalist, Julian Assange, signalled to the world that tyranny was descending in the west! Many of us wrongly assumed our justice system would see to it that common sense would prevail, however, Julian’s persecution has steadily become more extreme and more ridiculous, the attacks on freedom of the press are becoming more prevalent and our freedom is being overtly denied more and more each day!

Three years ago, Julian Assange warned us that our freedom was in imminent danger.

This week our prime minister signalled that Australia is moving towards introducing the draconian measure of vaccine passports which will be issued to allow people the right to travel if they have received the new experimental vaccine currently being rolled out. In other words, those who are not vaccinated will no longer have the right to travel. Many have pointed out that once introduced, vaccine passports will act rather like a Chinese-style social credit system by which the government will be able to make our lives very difficult if we wish to maintain sovereignty over our own existence!

We need more people to stand up for Julian Assange and realise how vitally important it is to speak up against the tyranny being imposed on ordinary people by powerful interests!

A  popular video of a British reporter interviewing the president of Azerbaijan is indicative of how the persecution of Julian Assange is sending the world deeper into tyranny. The video shows the president of Azerbaijan seizing on the opportunity to point out western hypocrisy over press freedom. The persecution of Julian Assange for his journalism has meant that the UK no longer has the ability to lecture other countries on the matter of press freedom! The fact that this video has gone viral with two and a half million views suggests that people are becoming more aware of the west’s descent into tyranny! In this regard the video is somewhat heartening but we need to intensify our efforts to turn the descent into tyranny around!

The best way to fight tyranny is for people to unite peacefully against it. We must be aware that propaganda and all kinds of political stunts are being used to undermine our unity! We must stay with the truth! Julian Assange is completely innocent and that the evidence he has revealed shows us who the real criminals are. Truth is our power! We must unite on, and with, the truth!

In a few hours, the former UK ambassador, Craig Murray, will be sentenced for contempt of court on the spurious grounds of ‘jigsaw identification’ after using his blog to draw attention to truthful information relating to a court case which was ultimately found to have been based on false accusations against Alex Salmond, a prominent pro-Scottish-independence politician. Craig Murray, a whistle blower, and a friend of Julian Assange, has been a reliable source of detailed information regarding Julian’s extradition hearing! There is a very real possibility Craig Murray will be sentenced to a prison term. In this climate of advancing tyranny, it is necessary for us all to pay attention to how important voices of truth are being persecuted and silenced. We must show our solidarity with Craig Murray and all other voices of truth!

It is becoming clearer to everyone how techniques of character assassination, picking on the individual, public mobbing, smearing and vilification, that were used to facilitate the psychological torture of Julian Assange, are being used against other voices. These techniques are an essential part of the propaganda and must be recognised and called out whenever we see them occur.

We must think and speak for ourselves. We must be aware that fear is one way to stop people thinking and speaking! In times when many people stop thinking and speaking for themselves, atrocities occur. With the signs of increasing totalitarianism everywhere, we must question everything our media are so eager for us to believe!

We must remember that truth is extremely inconvenient for those with something to hide! Julian revealed much criminality being done in our name and more of us must call for the prosecution of the corrupt and more of us must stand up for the freedom of Julian Assange!  

We must come together over the truth. Our right to know the truth is the single issue we can all be united on. We must see through the propaganda impeding this unity! If we unite over our need to know the truth, we will be strong and we will certainly win!

Peace, human rights and justice are assisted when the public knows the truth while tyranny, corruption and propaganda are made more difficult. We must drop our attachment to mainstream lies and stand up for the values of free speech and the values of Julian Assange!

Free Julian Assange!

Free Julian Assange!

Free Julian Assange!

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