Speeches by Tony

First Speech by Tony on 23.4.21. We now have the support of the Australian Labor Party and the Catholic Church.  The end of this intolerable situation is very close  folks, but we need a final push, so I’d like to encourage you all to Google… Read More »Speeches by Tony

Matthew’s speeches

Speech by Matthew on 30 April 2021 It’s not just about Julian Assange.  It’s what he represents.  You know, whatever you think about Julian Assange, it’s more than a fact that whistleblowers are getting shut-up, while the criminals are getting away with it.  The government… Read More »Matthew’s speeches

Recent Speeches by Adriana

Speech by Adriana, 2nd April Well hello Sydneysiders.  We are the Julian Assange Town Hall Gathering and we’re gathered here every Friday to let you know what’s going on with Julian Assange, Australian publisher, journalist, who is in prison in Belmarsh.  This is a high security prison… Read More »Recent Speeches by Adriana

Speech by Karyn 7th May 2021

Yesterday, Julian Assange’s partner Stella Moris shared a BBC interview with Azerbaijan’s President Aliyev. It shows him telling the interviewer that the BBC is in no position to lecture him on Press Freedom while the UK imprisons Julian Assange. Once the BBC and Australia’s ABC… Read More »Speech by Karyn 7th May 2021